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El Mundo de Niños will be implementing the Anji Play philosophy as our core curriculum. We will organize the year into thematic units that give the children access to language that is relevant to their interests and will help them connect to their peers and teachers. We firmly believe in the importance of children spending time outdoors and among nature. Because of this we prioritize play time outside in every season and offer a wide array of opportunities for the children to have the experience of exploring and interacting with the natural world everyday!


The Anji Play approach is based on a philosophy that an environment of love (one that provides warmth, support and care between teachers and children, between children and between teachers) allows children to take developmentally appropriate risks. These risks (physical, emotional and intellectual) provide children with experiences of joy. This joy leads to the child’s deep engagement in their own learning and inquiry. The child’s daily reflection on these experiences creates lasting knowledge and builds the foundation for and interest in future learning.

Source: http://www.anjiplay.com/parents


El Mundo de Niños will provide a Spanish immersion program, where children will have the opportunity to develop emergent bilingual language skills in a loving, supportive, safe and open ended environment. We use monthly learning themes as a way to help children connect language to their experiences with the world around them. We base our program design on the current research in the field of language acquisition and dual language learning.

English is used daily in the wider US society, as well as in most homes. By children beginning their learning experiences surrounded by the Spanish language, they are given the opportunity to develop proficiency in both Spanish and English simultaneously from a young age. At El Mundo de Niños, families who understand the benefits of bilingualism can start them off with a solid base for learning, through play, in their youngest years.

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